Wonder & Surrender

It is His recorded testimony . . . His written witness. How familiar have we become with it? Not familiar as in, “I know it really, really well!” . . . but familiar as in the Bible has become so common to me that I find myself being so casual with it. God forbid that we should lose the Wonder of the Word and the Surrender of our Soul.

Your testimonies are wonderful;
therefore my soul keeps them.   (Psalm 119:129 ESV)

I had a conversation with a young man this week who is seeking the things of God. With no real “background” to speak of, he has taken to exploring the claims of Christ and the implications of them from a number of sources. When I encouraged him to make reading the Bible a priority, he responded something to the effect, “Why? Isn’t it just another book written by other men?” Good question, my friend. But no . . . no it isn’t.

I shared with him that one of our foundational beliefs is that the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, are inspired . . . that they are “breathed out by God” (2Tim. 3:16) . . . that the Creator bore witness of Himself, and of truth governing all people, as “men spoke [and wrote] from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2Peter 1:21).

Ok . . . just pause there. Should that not produce just a bit of wonder? The words slipped so easily from my lips . . . Christianity 101 type of stuff . . . but pause and noodle on that for just a bit . . . and let the awe begin . . . let the wonder flow.

God’s testimonies are wonderful . . . they are full of wonder. His witness . . . His revelation . . . they are extraordinary and marvelous! Shouldn’t it boggle our minds that God Almighty would so desire relationship with His rebellious creation that He would move throughout many centuries and through many authors to provide us with a record of man’s fall and God’s plan of redemption? And shouldn’t it stir our souls to respond? The songwriter thought so.

Obedience wasn’t just a matter of the will for the psalmist, it was sourced in his very soul. Not about a “check the box” approach to staying on God’s good side, but a awe-inspired response to the revelation of God’s great person and God’s good news.

I’m thinking that if I would pause and wonder more at His testimonies, keeping His word would be more of a “soul thing” than a “gut it out” thing. It would be less about outward actions and more of inward desire and passion for kingdom pursuits.

Lord, forgive me for my casual approaches to your Holy Word. Fill me anew with the wonder of Your testimonies and stir my soul to joyful surrender to Your ways.

By Your grace . . . for Your glory . . .

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