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“Finally,” says Paul, for the second time in this letter to the Philippians. He got side-tracked a bit after his first “finally” (3:1). But now he’s gonna wrap up this short letter for real. And in the portion I read … Continue reading

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God Makes Room

It shouldn’t have been so hard. After all, he was the child of promise. He was the miracle kid, born to parents who had no right, naturally speaking, bearing children–dad a centenarian and mom, at 90 years old, way past … Continue reading

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The God of . . .

God knew that eventually He would be the “kid” that neither team wanted. That one day, after His chosen people had settled in the promised land, they would line up all the gods along the fence and pick their favorite … Continue reading

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A Steadfast Heart

Down in northern California for a couple of days checking out the new grandson. What a joy! But amid the joy, there’s still some sadness. Not only have I heard it from my girls, but from others in our extended … Continue reading

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The Harvest

God is in the fruit making business. That’s the testimony of Scripture this morning. I encountered two witnesses to that fact–one in the Old Testament ,the other in the New. And they testify that though the growing process might be … Continue reading

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Give Me Life!

Their number was many. The songwriter’s “persecutors and adversaries” lined up to take a swing at him. And knowing he could not withstand the barrage on his own, the songwriter cries out to his God. Look on my affliction, he … Continue reading

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My Right Hand . . . His Right Hand

We know the sixteenth psalm is a messianic psalm. Both Peter and Paul provide Spirit-led divine commentary on portions of the song indicating that, beyond whatever David had intended in writing it, God determined that it should speak of His … Continue reading

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