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For He Will Broaden Your Understanding

Weary from grief (Psalm 119:28). That’s the songwriter’s bottom line — if he were talking in CSB language. If ESV language, “My soul melts away for sorrow.” And if he allowed Peterson to put words in his mouth, “My sad … Continue reading

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In Its Season

If you have followed my posts for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that over the past 4 months I have been as inconsistent in sharing a morning meal as I think I have ever been since I started … Continue reading

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Truth-Based Freedom in a Post-Truth Culture

Some have said that ours is a post-truth culture. That objective facts (if there really are any) are increasingly giving away to subjective personal belief. That your truth may not be my truth and that, within limits, there needs to … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Picture Books (2012 Rerun)

Dull of hearing. Unskilled in the word. Should be meat-eaters, instead only able to digest milk. It’s what I think was at the heart of the problem that the writer to the Hebrews addresses. They were tempted to fall away … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of God in Our Hands

If there’s anything the Spirit wants us to know about Ezra, it’s that he was a man of the Word, as in “God’s word”. Sure, when he’s introduced in Ezra 7 the first thing mentioned is that he was the … Continue reading

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Bear Fruit with Patience

Noticing this morning that one of these things is not like the other. Hovering over Luke’s account of Jesus’ telling of the parable of the sower. Pretty familiar story. Easy to skim because of the familiarity. But for some reason … Continue reading

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My Surety

Wasn’t expecting it. Don’t think I’ve ever noticed it. But there it was. In the last verse of the longest song in the Psalms. When I read it, I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first as it … Continue reading

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Pay Attention to What You Hear

As I hover over some verses in Mark, two common sayings come to mind. One from my days in the business world, the other from the world at large. Back in the days when I drove to an office building … Continue reading

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A Lifeline

David knew about cause and effect. He connected the dots between external circumstance and internal response. Know the ever-present reality of oppression and distress without? Be consumed by darkness and mourning within. Experience unrelenting obstacles day after day? Be prone … Continue reading

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A Use It or Lose It Thing

That they were struggling is evident. That they were complicit is also evident. To be sure, taking a stand for Jesus within the predominant Jewish community of the first century wasn’t for the faint of heart. While many believed that … Continue reading

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