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Our Personal Purpose Statement

He was on his way to Jerusalem. How come? He was compelled by the Spirit. That’s a good thing, yes? Hmm . . . depends how you wanna define good. While he knew that he was bound by the Spirit … Continue reading

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Our “No” Being Turned Into A “Yes”

Sometimes it’s just used as more fuel for the fire for those who want to take a shot at “impetuous Peter” as an example of what not to do. As in you don’t say, “No, Lord!” But what if you … Continue reading

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To Whom Shall We Go?

Talk of eating His flesh and drinking His blood was too much for some of them. That He claimed to be living bread that came down from heaven was a metaphor with implications they couldn’t stomach. That eternal life with … Continue reading

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The Same Yesterday and Today and Forever

You read it and, while you can’t help but whisper “Amen” ’cause you know it’s true, it does strike you as being kind of out of place. Starting in on the final chapter of the letter to the Hebrews. And, … Continue reading

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A “Both/And” Thing

Ours is a pick and choose culture. Show us the menu and we’ll tell you what we want. Put before us our options and we’ll select those that best suit us. Give us an app and we’ll put in our … Continue reading

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Readied for the Next Season

Wherever we are, we’re not there yet. How ever far we’ve come, we’ve still got some road to travel. Coming out of the wilderness, there’s still a promised land to prepare for. That’s some of what I’m picking from what … Continue reading

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Tell Me About Your Disciples

You sneaky high priest! They’ve pulled the trigger. Operation “Destroy Jesus” has begun. Phase I, arrest in the garden, complete. Now, for the trial. But, what were the charges again? What’s He done wrong? Oh, don’t worry about that, we’ll … Continue reading

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Another Thing I Can Know

Yesterday, reading John’s gospel, I was reminded that, while there are many things I don’t know when it comes to the things of God, one thing I do know is that while I was once blind now I see. But … Continue reading

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More and More

I wonder if we’re governed too often, or too much, by the fear that if you give an inch they’ll take a mile. Or, if we’re too prone to think about just doing our part and letting others do their … Continue reading

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Are You “With Me”?

I’ll take lesser known Old Testament characters for 1000, Alex. This “career exile”, an exile of Gath, chose exile again, this time from Jerusalem, because of his loyalty to a king. Who is Ittai the Gittite? Correct! He didn’t have … Continue reading

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