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A Gospel Easter Egg

In the MCU they are called “Easter Eggs.” In the bible it’s foreshadowing. Huh? MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe. The increasing catalog of superhero films and shows produced by Marvel Studios based on the Marvel comics. I haven’t watched all … Continue reading

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The Spirit Who Remains in our Midst (2017 Rerun)

Been sharing a crucible with some brothers and sisters. Heats been turned up. Often when that happens it’s because there’s dross to be dealt with. It can be hard work dealing with dross, the kind of work you ignore or … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Gospel

This morning, as I read in Revelation, what caught my eye was a little bit of gospel in the midst of a whole lot of judgment. “And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet … Continue reading

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Worth Everything

We can’t help but place ourselves in the story. After all, isn’t that what good biblical application is all about? So, as I hover over Esther 5 this morning, where do I show up? I’m certainly not the king. Don’t … Continue reading

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This Life

Chewing on something this morning that I know I’ve read many times before but somehow feel like I’m only noticing for the first time. When Jesus came, according to Mark, He came preaching “the gospel of God” (Mk. 1:14). Matthew … Continue reading

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A Bad Deal

We made a bad deal. A poor trade. A seriously miscalculated swap. That’s what I’m taking away from one of the most depressing passages in all the New Testament, Romans 1:18-32. Yesterday, I concluded my Romans 1 reading on a … Continue reading

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Rightness vs. Righteousness

As I hover over Romans 1:16-17 this morning the words of Jesus come to mind: “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one … Continue reading

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Times of Difficulty

Sometimes we can get more focused on the symptoms rather than the sickness. Distracted by what presents almost to the exclusion of what produces. Failing to connect the dots between things which are indicators and the root cause of what … Continue reading

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Different Gospels and Deserting Christians

Blown away. That’s what was Paul was. Astonished (ESV). Amazed (CSB). Couldn’t believe it (MSG). Shocked (NLT). But also kind of ticked. No, not just kind of, but really ticked! Reading to call down curses on people. Declaring they should … Continue reading

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Considering a Conversation with the Felixes

For two years Felix often sent for Paul to talk with him. Not because he was seeking the truth, but because he was hoping for a bribe (Acts 24:26-27). And I imagine the repeated conversations weren’t a lot unlike that … Continue reading

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