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A Change of Heart

Talk about your seismic shift in attitude! Three chapters ago the people of Israel were throwing a bit of gold into a fire to make inanimate gods who they somehow thought could lead them. Now, in Exodus 35, they are … Continue reading

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A Formula for Flourishing

Throughout the book of Acts you find church “report cards.” Brief summaries of how the body of believers in Christ, born of the gospel, was growing and advancing as the Word was preached and the disciples testified of a new … Continue reading

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Such A Heart As This

Before they went forward, they needed to look back. Before they were to proceed, God told Moses they needed to be prepared. Entering the land of promise would come with challenges. Foreign people would come with foreign gods. Pagan people … Continue reading

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Embracing the Splendor

You can’t miss it. The rhythm of repetition pounds through Isaiah 2. “The LORD of hosts has a day,” declares the prophet (2:12a), and on that day there will be terror amidst splendor. Dread before majesty. Run-and-try-to-hide fear before unescapable … Continue reading

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The Heart of God

I’m sure there must be other places where God speaks with such longing, but I can’t think of any right now. And, it occurs to me, my first thoughts of God tend not to be of what He passionately desires … Continue reading

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Acceptable Worship

It seems there’s going facedown and then there’s going facedown. One almost out of compulsion–almost forced through trembling fear. The other an act of glorious freedom, willingly fueled by high regard and godly, reverent fear. The first, going facedown because … Continue reading

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Not Just “From” But “For”

It’s a short song. Less than a hundred words parsed into eight verses packaged into four stanzas. It’s a short song about a great God to be sung by a redeemed people. The God of Jacob is the focus of … Continue reading

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Seeking Jesus

Matthew writes that the women went “to see the tomb” but the angel knew they were actually on a mission. They didn’t rise up before dawn wanting just to behold the rock in front of the tomb. Rather, according to … Continue reading

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From Fear to Fear

Apparently there’s fear, and then there’s fear. Reading Jonah this morning, and in the opening act of this well known story it’s the fear factor that’s caught my attention. The first thing I noticed was Jonah’s “national fear” or his … Continue reading

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The Touch of His Hand

On the road early this morning. Taking advantage of the U.S. holiday to head up to the homeland and hang out for a couple of days with our granddaughter (and her parents). Able to find a window for a quiet … Continue reading

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