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There Is No Other

As a people they had experienced it all. Having been delivered from bondage by God’s mighty hand, they experienced what it was to live under the cloud of His presence by day and the pillar of His light by night. … Continue reading

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Turning from Time Idols

This morning, chewing on two passages which make reference to idols. One speaks of the plight of those who make them, the other of the path before those who turn from them. One of the folly of bowing before gods … Continue reading

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There Is No Other!

It’s not like they didn’t know it already . . . but they didn’t know it really. They had grown up being taught it–for many, they could recite great portions of it from memory. For generations they had interacted with … Continue reading

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Stop Limping!

It’s gotta be among the top 5 Bible stories. The odds are perfect for high drama, 450:1. And the tension in the air is palpable. Everyone’s cranky! The king’s cranky because Elijah won’t cut him any slack. The people are … Continue reading

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Looking in All the Wrong Places

Paul was nothing if not bold. It was one thing to proclaim the kingdom in a synagogue. Another to take it to the streets and engage people in discussion in the marketplace. But to stand in front of a crowd … Continue reading

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Gideon is a kind of an enigma for me. Seems to have, for the most part, run the race well but then gets tripped up at the finish line. He has an encounter of the divine kind with the angel … Continue reading

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Making God Angry

In a conversation with a friend earlier this week, he reminded me that we tend to classify sin. All sin is bad, sure. But some sin, based on the response of many, is REALLY bad . . . way worse … Continue reading

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