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Of Nations and Individuals

Finished up in Jeremiah this morning. Continued reading in John. And I’m in wonder at a couple of “folds” in the manifold wisdom of God (Eph. 3:10). Over the final chapters of Jeremiah, God is clearly portrayed as sovereign over … Continue reading

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Seeker Friendly

I guess I don’t normally think of God as a seeker. Maybe that’s because I think of seekers as needing something and I don’t think of God as in need of anything. But while God has no need of anything, … Continue reading

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Wearied As He Was

Talk about your encounter of the divine kind. One on one with God incarnate. Learning about living water. Being offered springs that well up to eternal life. Finding out, up close and personal, what it’s like to encounter omniscience. Discovering … Continue reading

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Filling Jars and Seeing the Glory

The glory was manifest that day. And while the disciples had front row seats, what’s capturing my thoughts are the no-name servants who were actually “on stage” as part of the drama. So this morning, I’m thinking about the connection … Continue reading

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Come and See

Three words caught my attention this morning. Ten letters jumped off the page. And as I chewed on them I wondered if they hadn’t been food for a morning meal before. Sure enough, they were food for thought back in … Continue reading

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Knowing the End from the Beginning

Years and years ago I heeded the advice that if you have kids in the house and you want time to be alone, you need to be awake when they are asleep. That’s been hard to do this week with … Continue reading

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Behold Your King!

I like gazing upon a Nativity scene. I can overlook the historical inaccuracies of shepherds and magi and angels gathered all together under a bright star to surround a new mom and a proud dad gazing down into a straw-filled … Continue reading

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