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Acting Presumptuously

You’re not going to find it among the seven deadly sins. I’m not sure if I started brainstorming and did a brain-dump of all the types of transgression against God I could think of, that I’d even list this one. … Continue reading

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The Joy of the LORD

It’s not like they didn’t have just cause to mourn. Not like there was no good reason to grieve. In fact, under any other circumstance, their tears would have been the appropriate response to what they had just heard preached. … Continue reading

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Windows in Heaven

Situation? Desperate. Famine followed by siege. Even when they could freely leave the city walls, there was so little food in the fields. It was so bad, in fact, that even donkey heads and dove’s dung were only accessible to … Continue reading

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What Else Could They Want?

I know I’ve read it a number of times before in my morning readings. The fact has been repeatedly stated in Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua. So, it’s not like it came as a surprise to them when Joshua brings it … Continue reading

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How Will God Set the Table?

Easy to forget . . . especially when times are tough. And in that forgetfulness, while walking in the wilderness, maybe a propensity to question whether the God who once was able to deliver, is still able to continue to … Continue reading

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The Missing Med

Over these past couple of weeks I’ve realized that there seems to be a med for everything. As part of getting set up to provide in-home care we were given what was called a “comfort kit.” Basically a counter top … Continue reading

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. . . You’ll Fall for Anything

Chewing on Stephen’s no-holds barred defense before the council. Less a defense perhaps, and more of a spanking. He is “a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 6:5) and stands before the religious elite falsely accused … Continue reading

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