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True of Me.

I’m guessing that for most people, most often, when they pause over Hebrews 6 it’s to have a debate. The question? Who, in these opening verses of this passage, has “fallen away” and cannot be restored again to repentance? Is … Continue reading

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My Good or His Glory? Yes!

Psalm 83 tickled my “taste buds” this morning. First time, as near as I can remember or tell from my journal, that I’ve paused to reflect on this psalm. Not surprised that I’ve never paused here before. It doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Sinai is in the Sanctuary

Hovering over Psalm 68 this morning. A psalm of David. A song of victory. A song of a God who will arise to deliver His people. The “Father of the fatherless” and the “Protector of widows” (v.5), the God David … Continue reading

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Short thought this morning . . early morning grandkids have a way of cutting into your “be still and know” time . . . Love it! Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, … Continue reading

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Joy Before the Angels

Is it irreverent to imagine God pumping His fist and shouting, “Yes!” If so, then how do we imagine God expressing joy? Can’t really say He’d be on cloud nine . . . He towers over cloud nine, and every … Continue reading

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Confidence . . . Still!

Came across some thoughts from around this time eight years ago. A really, really uncertain and hard time. A turn-your-world-upside-down time. And as I chew on the same passage eight years later, and consider the confidence I was reminded of … Continue reading

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Show Me A Sign

Hovering over another song of David this morning, Psalm 86. A prayer song. A desperate prayer song. Insolent, arrogant, proud, presumptuous men had risen up against him. A band of ruthless men who sought to take his life. Men devoid … Continue reading

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You Come Too!

Not gonna lie, there’s something satisfying about finishing up my reading plan each year. And it’s not so much a feeling of self-satisfaction. But it’s the kind of satisfaction you experience after having consumed a great meal at a great … Continue reading

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Letting in Idols

They came to Ezekiel because he was a prophet of God. And they came because they were the elders of Israel. They were to lead and so they came to listen. But rather than being provided with some insight, the … Continue reading

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The God To Whom I Belong

D, U, M, B . . . dumb!!! That’s what it was, dumb. A dumb decision to set sail. It was the majority decision, but it was the wrong decision. It was the expedient decision, the pilot preferring another port, … Continue reading

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