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Ransomed from the Vapors

Vapor of vapors . . . all of it is vapor. As the Preacher draws his musings to an end in Ecclesiastes he can’t shake the overall futility he feels as he nears the end of his race (Eccl. 12:8). … Continue reading

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Let Your Words Be Few

It would seem that for the Preacher not an area of life was exempt from frustration if lived out but “under the sun.” He had sought wisdom, he had worked hard. He had held back no desire which his heart … Continue reading

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Solomon held nothing back. When it came to life, he was all in . . . peddle to the metal. If he could learn it, he’d study around the clock. If he could grow it, he’d devote acres to it. … Continue reading

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If I Knew . . . I Still Would

Kind of interesting how observations from two completely unrelated passages can come together to get the mind churning. Something I read this morning from a preacher and then a reminder concerning a prophet came together and started me thinking. Noodling … Continue reading

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Real Enjoyment

I’m guessing that even the newest reader of Ecclesiastes picks up on the underlying heartbeat of “the Preacher’s” (1:1) words pretty quickly. I’m only two chapters in and the pulse is already established. Eleven times, so far, the son of … Continue reading

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Getting Above “Under the Sun”

So, I’m thinking that King Solomon might have been a little too smart for his own good. He may have over thought things a tad. I’m suspecting this guy was a bit “type A” . . . a little anal-retentive. … Continue reading

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Under the Son

The book of Ecclesiastes lacks color . . . literally. I have my colored pencils (aka “pencil crayons” for those of us north of the border) at the ready looking for the grand themes of Scripture to highlight . . … Continue reading

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