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Delighting in the Children of Man

Proverbs 8. It’s why I do what I do when it comes to Proverbs. It’s why I shade every reference to wisdom in blue, my color for God the Son. While the sage portrays her as Lady Wisdom, raising her … Continue reading

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A Bit of Wisdom in the Morning

Who doesn’t want to be considered wise? Who wouldn’t want to be characterized as being attentive and discerning. To be known for diligently considering the ways of life, for drawing the right conclusions and then, acting upon those considerations in … Continue reading

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An Acceptable Time, An Abundant Love, A Saving Faithfulness

Truth be told, often when it comes to the Psalms, I’m probably not exercising the right level of interpretation before jumping in with identification. Thinking that’s true this morning as I chew on Psalm 69. My “enemies” are of no … Continue reading

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Better Than Life

If anything has become clear over the past years, months, and weeks, it is how wired for life we are. In the good times we seek to maximize it. In the not so good times we will go to great … Continue reading

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A God of Nuance

I don’t know if this is going to come out right or not, but as I read Job 35 this morning the wonder I’m experiencing is that our God is a God of nuance. Nuance. I think that’s a good … Continue reading

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The Love of God

While I think I pretty well get it, I’m sure I pretty much do not fully grasp it. Finished up John 17 as part of my morning readings. “Christ’s High Priestly Prayer” is how it’s summarized in my Bible. Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Right to the End

Jesus knew that His time had come. This was it. Final countdown. T minus just a few hours. He had come from the Father into the world He created and soon He would return to the Father from the world … Continue reading

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