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Fear and Freedom

Growth strategies. That’s been part of the modern church’s lexicon for as long as I’ve been a believer. So we ask ourselves, what do we need to do as a body of believers to become a bigger body of believers? … Continue reading

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In Every Hour

His disciples must have been picking up that following Jesus wasn’t a matter of if things were going to get rough, but when. To follow Jesus would end up being out of sync with the world — and in their … Continue reading

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God’s PQ (A 2011 Rerun)

Unobservable . . . imperceptible . . . imponderable . . . such are the things God has prepared for those who love Him. But doesn’t that present a bit of a problem? If these things are beyond what any … Continue reading

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A Lifeline

David knew about cause and effect. He connected the dots between external circumstance and internal response. Know the ever-present reality of oppression and distress without? Be consumed by darkness and mourning within. Experience unrelenting obstacles day after day? Be prone … Continue reading

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Being Kept, Being Sanctified

Soon they would be soloing. Their three-year apprenticeship would give way to their life’s calling. But the world had changed a lot over the three years since they first met Jesus. Actually, it wasn’t the world that had changed, it … Continue reading

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Not An Orphan

Sometimes, you just need a fallback position. When everything around you seems like shifting sand, when nothing seems predictable, when you find yourself waiting for another shoe to drop (and realizing that whoever’s wearing those shoes has way more than … Continue reading

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The Power At Work Within Us

Wrapping up Ephesians 3 this morning. For three chapters Paul’s been laying down truth after truth concerning who these Ephesians are, and what they possess, in Christ. And twice he prays for them. At the end of chapter 1 and … Continue reading

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All My Springs are in You

Hovering this morning over a song, Psalm 87, about a city called the “city of God.” A city founded by God. The city on the holy mount. The place in all of Jacob that God sets His affections toward more … Continue reading

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Burden Bearers and Spokespeople

My somewhat impromptu decision to head down to San Diego last week for my grandson’s third birthday, while providing the huge blessing of being with far away family in 75+ degree temperatures, also resulted in a bit of a disruption … Continue reading

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All In

He was leaving the world, but they weren’t. He was going back to heaven, they would have to gut it out on earth. He was returning to His Father, they would now be clearly in the crosshairs of the enemy. … Continue reading

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