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Lord, Will I?

Okay, the problem with being captivated with the first part of a passage is that it kind of sets you up for the next part. Yesterday, I was in awe of a Sovereign who would bow at His subjects’ feet … Continue reading

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Everyone, Listen Up!

It didn’t matter whether they were young in the faith, seasoned in the faith, or actively contending for the faith, John says to each, “I am writing to you.” I am writing to you, little children, because your sins are … Continue reading

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Better Because of Community

Been on the road this week . . . drove down to LA, then San Diego and have been hanging out with my girls and their families . . . and sleeping really well at night, thanx to the grandsons. … Continue reading

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Individually Members

“Expressive individualism.” It’s a term that’s been around for a few years, but one that’s been on my radar more recently. If I’m understanding it correctly, at its core is “You be you.” Be true to yourself. Be the authentic … Continue reading

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An Obligation

For the past few months I have been listening to a podcast that’s walking through the book of Romans. And what I have appreciated as much as anything over these months is the manner in which the “why” of Romans … Continue reading

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By This We Know – Part II

Yesterday, I was reminded that our salvation is more than just a profession of faith, it is more so a possession of the evidences of faith. That to claim you believe in a certain truth will manifest itself in that … Continue reading

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Do We Need to Fight?

It was a quick conversation. A passing comment / counter-comment chat in the restroom quickly conducted between washing and drying our hands. Used to be those were light chats about the weather or the local sports team. Now, seems every … Continue reading

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Living In the End Times

Heard it again this weekend from someone. Something to the effect that we need to be studying the end times right now ’cause we’re in the end times and need to be prepared for the end times. Maybe that’s why … Continue reading

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The Facts

There’s no way I can read James 4 and not map it to what seems to be a prevailing undercurrent throughout the body of Christ in this season. But the temptation, it seems to me, would be over application or, … Continue reading

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The Fast God Chooses

They were committed to their religious rituals. Daily they went through the motions of seeking the LORD. They acted in ways intended to convey a desire to know His ways. They wanted God to intervene with “righteous judgments” so they … Continue reading

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