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The Sigh and The Song

The psalm is only six verses long. Including the introduction, but eight sentences in my ESV bible. Just one-hundred-sixteen words from the beginning to the end. But, from where the psalmist starts to where he ends is miles apart. How long, … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with Egypt?

Reading again in Jeremiah this morning, and I don’t get it. What it is about Egypt that made the people turn their backs on God, again! What was it about the world they had been delivered from that drew them, … Continue reading

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Dross Removal

The specific application is to a king and the character and quality of his counselors. But I can’t help but think that, for those who have ears to hear, the words of the sage, Solomon, also carry deep, personal implications. … Continue reading

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Lean on Me

Usually, I sleep pretty well . . . until I don’t. No problem knocking out. Don’t think I toss and turn a lot. But way too often, if I need to get up in the middle of the night, before … Continue reading

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Unseen Footprints

Chewing on Psalm 77 this morning. Don’t know the situation, but recognize something of the symptoms. The songwriter speaks of sleepless nights when it was as if God were holding open his eyelids (v.4). Of a mind that can’t stop … Continue reading

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Still Fully Convinced

Fully convinced. Two words that always jump off the page when I read Romans 4. Fully convinced. A defining attribute of Abraham, the first of whom God declares, “And he believed the LORD, and He counted it to him as … Continue reading

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What To Do When There’s Nothing Else To Do

I get the psalmist’s cry. Why, O LORD, do You stand afar off?   Why do You hide yourself in times of trouble? (Psalm 10:1 ESV) Less a complaint based on facts, more on feeling. The head knows that a God … Continue reading

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