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Not much to look at, really. Nothing much to behold — unless it was because of some morbid fascination — just the lame, the blind, the crippled, along with those unable to speak. Cripple-Con, a gathering of the needy, the … Continue reading

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Fear and Freedom

Growth strategies. That’s been part of the modern church’s lexicon for as long as I’ve been a believer. So we ask ourselves, what do we need to do as a body of believers to become a bigger body of believers? … Continue reading

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Things That Belong to Salvation

Chewing on the first twelve verses of Hebrews six this morning. Tough chewing. A lot of gristle. Hard to know exactly who is being spoken of as those who “have once been enlightened . . . and then fallen away” … Continue reading

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Building the House

Okay, it may be an Old Testament declaration but, with a slight, two-letter modification, I think it would be fit for a New Testament t-shirt. Back story: “The adversaries of Judah and Benjamin have heard that the returned exiles are … Continue reading

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Temple Revival (2017 Rerun)

Some thoughts from this day in my reading plan 5 years ago . . . ——————— Two thoughts as I hover over the account of revival in Judah under King Hezekiah . . . First, revival happens where God’s house … Continue reading

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Partakers of the Promise Together

This morning, I suffered a bit of a rebuke at the hands of my Greek lexicon. Reminded again that what I want to so readily think is about me is more often than not really about we. This mystery is … Continue reading

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Individually Members

“Expressive individualism.” It’s a term that’s been around for a few years, but one that’s been on my radar more recently. If I’m understanding it correctly, at its core is “You be you.” Be true to yourself. Be the authentic … Continue reading

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Come Together

I don’t think it’s “proof-texting.” You know, that practice where you find Scriptures that say what you want to say? But I do think it’s a text that gives further proof of what has been on my mind over recent … Continue reading

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An Ode to the Church

It’s a fact thing based on a faith thing through an overflowing grace thing. That’s what I’m picking up this morning from what’s being laid down in Psalm 84. It’s a psalm about the courts of the LORD. A hymn … Continue reading

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Individually Members of One Another

Ours is an individualistic culture. That’s not some new observation. Nor would it surprise anyone if we said the culture at large tends to shape the church in particular. But this morning I’m struck afresh by how compromising individualism can … Continue reading

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