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God’s Grace Was On Him

I’ve been reading “favor” for so many years in the ESV that when I encounter “grace” in the CSB this morning it kind of stops me in my tracks. After all, what did Jesus need grace for? When [Jesus’ father … Continue reading

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Pleasure in Insults

Chewing on some well recognized verses in 2Corinthians this morning. I say “well recognized” rather than “well known” because I think it’s going to take a lifetime to really “know’ these verses. ‘Cause just when you think you’ve gone through … Continue reading

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Good News in the Midst of Bad Stuff

Met someone for coffee yesterday, someone I had only met casually before. This was to be our first “real conversation.” And real it was. We could have talked about March Madness and the college basketball that had just finished. Or, … Continue reading

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A Limp for a Lifetime

I think it was with Jesus. I think Jacob spent all night in toe-to-toe, hand-to-hand combat with the pre-incarnate manifestation of the the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son of God (Gen. 32:24). That the King of heaven had … Continue reading

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The Journey Is Too Great

Hovering over the story of Elijah’s post-Carmel blues. After seeing the LORD’s great victory over the forces of hell on the mount, he returns to the valley and the murderous threats of Jezebel. The battle had been won, but the … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up

The passage I’m hovering over this morning is well known and well understood. It contains a familiar law of the harvest — “whatever one sows, that will he also reap” (Gal. 6:7b). True when it comes to gardening in the … Continue reading

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Being Okay with My Weakness

It might not be exactly aligned but I think it is applicable. The “weakness” Paul recounts to the Corinthians in 2Corinthians 11:24-28 had to do with what he endured as a messenger of the gospel. Things which, for those who … Continue reading

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Exhortation. Identification. Affirmation.

A month ago I wrapped up Isaiah and give it my vote for consideration as a prophetic book that the church would do well to study in this season (you can check that post out here). A month later I’m … Continue reading

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Come (A Re-run)

Some thoughts from 10 years ago from this day’s reading in Isaiah. Similar season then, different circumstances (not pandemic related . . . more personal, not global). It really is a pretty compelling invitation. Spend just a couple of minutes … Continue reading

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A Blessing Here and Now

I had a brief conversation with someone yesterday who “had to admit” their faith was being shaken somewhat by the suffering being experienced by various people within our church family. I empathized with her empathy for those who are dealing … Continue reading

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