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God and The Community

Trying to get a head start on the grandkids this morning, and two of today’s readings come together to form a thought that I’m not sure I can clearly put down in a few words. But here goes . . … Continue reading

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Return and Rest

Hovering over Isaiah 30. While there’s much about Isaiah that disorients me as I try to map his prophecies to a historical timeline, there are gems encountered frequently along the way. Truths about the Holy One of Israel, promises concerning … Continue reading

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Love Never Fails

I’d like to say that a lot has changed in the last two years. And it has. But if I’m honest, not as much as I’d like — at least when it comes to me. After my readings this morning, … Continue reading

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The Sinner’s Prayer

Hovering over Psalm 38 this morning. And talk about your desperate, seemingly unbearable situation! Israel’s poet is flat on the mat and not sure he can get up before the ten count. Or, to use a different metaphor, he feels … Continue reading

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An Entrance into the Hiding Place

The picture is that of a covering or shelter. A secret place for protection. A place where those who find refuge there are watched over, guarded, and kept close. A place of refuge from an enemy. You are a hiding … Continue reading

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Return to Me

I don’t know. Maybe reading the prophets during a pandemic isn’t such a good idea — at least if you don’t want to think about the possibility that God allows what’s happening on earth below in order to point our … Continue reading

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The Gift of Repentance

Would I be off-base in thinking that, in general, repentance isn’t something that most of us — believer or not — view too favorably? While some may see no reason for it at all, is it a stretch that even … Continue reading

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To mess with Dickens’ well-known line . . . It can be the best of words, it can be the worst of words. The word? Nevertheless. It’s been over three weeks since they gathered to hear Ezra read from the … Continue reading

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That Solomon is taken over by the Spirit of God in his prayer of dedication for the temple is beyond obvious. If there’s any question about it, the sure sign of being filled by the Spirit, prophesying, is more than … Continue reading

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He Steadies the Pillars

It’s a song about judgment. A set time appointed by God when He will “judge with equity.” A time when “a cup with foaming wine” is poured out and the wicked of the earth “shall drain it down to the … Continue reading

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