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“It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.” No Dickens, but surely it was the tale of one city, Jerusalem. Because King Zedekiah has decided to take a stand against the Babylonians, Jerusalem had fallen. After … Continue reading

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God and Gibeon

If he had been in Major League Baseball, his .500 batting average would have been record setting and unprecedented. But stack him up against other followers of God and as a following God average, it kind of stinks. That’s the … Continue reading

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Satisfied in the Desert

It’s a prayer of Moses. Kind of amazing that it would have been preserved for so many years and found its way into a collection of songs by David and his worship leaders. The same sort of amazing I should … Continue reading

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Promises and Circumstance

I read Psalm 89 and am again reminded of how much I want a story to have a happy ending. If Ethan the Ezrahite’s song had stopped at verse 37, that would have worked for me. If the pivotal phrase, … Continue reading

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Hovering over Judges 11 this morning. Noodling on Jephthah, deliverer and judge of Israel. And honestly, not sure what to do with him. He was a man of disreputable beginnings, the son of a prostitute. He was rejected by his … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It Is About Us (2009 Rerun)

Hovering over Psalm 85 this morning. And while the mind is spinning, the fingers aren’t getting much traction. Finding it hard to put thought into sentences, impressions into paragraphs. What grabbed me is the songwriters’ plea for restoration and revival. … Continue reading

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His Promises Never Fail

The verses gave pause as I read them this morning. A reminder of the goodness and faithfulness of God, yet a reminder of my inclination to not fully enter into that goodness and faithfulness. A reminder that while there is … Continue reading

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