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To Him Who Rides

Read Psalm 68 this morning. Ask me during the rest of the year what’s in Psalm 68 and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t tell you. But then I read it, and it comes back . . . my God is … Continue reading

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The Need for Deliverance

I have used the analogy repeatedly throughout the years — worse than being in a minefield, is not knowing you’re in a minefield. At least if you know it, you can do whatever you can to try and step carefully … Continue reading

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A Strong Hand

They were to remember the day. They were to commemorate it with a special feast. They were to pass its memory on from generation to generation, handing it down as a perpetual sign on their hand and memorial between their … Continue reading

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Fear Not . . . I Am With You

I guess there are saviors, and then there are saviors. There are the super-hero saviors who swoop in to rescue and then, just as quickly, fly away. Those who deliver from immediate danger, but may be busy somewhere else when … Continue reading

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On Our Side

It’s written in such a way as to grab your attention. It’s broken up so that you’re not too quick to just slide on by it. The songwriter is masterful. The sentiment is powerful. And who, having known the Lord, … Continue reading

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Our Gain

My media world exploded with death over the past couple of days. A Facebook “friend” who lost a husband, a Voice contestant who we followed a few years ago, a nightclub full of people we have no connection with other … Continue reading

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“Throwback Friday” . . . rerunning some thoughts from 2011 . . . I really don’t remember the last time I watched one of those classic westerns where the guy in the white hat takes on the guy in the … Continue reading

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