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The Surpassing Worth of Losing It All

For many, it simply wouldn’t add up. They’d do the math, look at the profit and loss statement, and then take a pass on making the trade. But not Paul. He was all in. Convinced of the surpassing worth of … Continue reading

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That We Might Understand

Saturday we gathered together with confidence. As we remembered our so evident loss, yet we equally celebrated her so certain gain. Though we acknowledged the reality of the difficulty here and now, we affirmed the surety of reunion there and … Continue reading

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The God of . . .

God knew that eventually He would be the “kid” that neither team wanted. That one day, after His chosen people had settled in the promised land, they would line up all the gods along the fence and pick their favorite … Continue reading

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Looking in All the Wrong Places

Paul was nothing if not bold. It was one thing to proclaim the kingdom in a synagogue. Another to take it to the streets and engage people in discussion in the marketplace. But to stand in front of a crowd … Continue reading

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Something Else to Glory In

Don’t know why it was on our radar, but it was. Can’t really point to anything in either of our backgrounds that caused us to discuss this early in our married life, but we did. As I recall it, after … Continue reading

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Misery Loves Company

Prayed with a friend after second service yesterday. She updated Sue and I on the latest details concerning a trial her and her husband have been undergoing for some time now. And it’s not like encountering this trial has been … Continue reading

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Doing Eternal Life Right Now

Some re-worked thoughts from 2010 . . . There’s at least a couple of ways that you learn stuff from Scriptures. One way is to kind of “glean” truths. For example, I was reading in Revelation 7 this morning about … Continue reading

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