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Give Me Understanding

The songwriter appeals to the One who made him to help him. Give me understanding, he pleads, help me figure this out and to trust you as I do. Your hands made me and formed me;give me understandingso that I … Continue reading

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Good News in the Midst of Bad Stuff

Met someone for coffee yesterday, someone I had only met casually before. This was to be our first “real conversation.” And real it was. We could have talked about March Madness and the college basketball that had just finished. Or, … Continue reading

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Revive Us Again

I’m hoping David did not write Psalm 71 (though I suspect he might have). How come? ‘Cause Psalm 71’s songwriter self-identifies as “old and gray”, and David lived to be only 70 years old (2Sam. 5:4, 1Ki. 2:10-11). So, if … Continue reading

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A Salvation that Protects

Verse 21 tells me that it’s messianic in nature, that what the songwriter chronicles was to foreshadow what the Son of God would know as well. But beyond just providing insight to the Savior’s sufferings, it also provides deep connection … Continue reading

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Active Waiting

It wasn’t the wilderness just because it was physically the wilderness. No, beyond the barrenness around him was the abiding sense of a desert within him. His world had been turned upside down as he was forced to flee his … Continue reading

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The Course of My Life is in Your Power

The words jump off the page because they are so very familiar, indicating that Psalm 31 is a Messianic psalm. Into Your hand I entrust my spirit . . . (Psalm 31:5a CSB) Jesus spoke such words from the cross … Continue reading

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A Limp for a Lifetime

I think it was with Jesus. I think Jacob spent all night in toe-to-toe, hand-to-hand combat with the pre-incarnate manifestation of the the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son of God (Gen. 32:24). That the King of heaven had … Continue reading

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The Days When God Watched Over Me

We’re meant to identify with Job. While the degree of our sufferings might not approach his, our suffering is still our suffering. And we especially connect with Job when we don’t know the why’s or wherefore’s of what we’re going … Continue reading

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Exhortation. Identification. Affirmation.

A month ago I wrapped up Isaiah and give it my vote for consideration as a prophetic book that the church would do well to study in this season (you can check that post out here). A month later I’m … Continue reading

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Consider (A Rerun)

Pulled up my 2008 thoughts from today’s assigned readings. From what I can remember of the Fall of 2008, things were going pretty good — at least I don’t recall any major problems. Such musings, it seems to me, God … Continue reading

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