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Contrasts of Salvation

It’s the contrast that hits me this morning. The contrast between the God who, through Isaiah, declares He is God like no other (Isa. 45:5-6), and the same God, recorded by Luke, who is crucified on the cross (Lk. 23:32-34). … Continue reading

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Bringing Us to Glory

It’s a verse about Him, but I can’t help take notice of what it says about me. A jaw-dropping truth about the Savior, and a head-lifting reality for those being saved. Jesus is greater. That’s the big idea of the … Continue reading

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So Not Intuitive (A 2012 Rerun)

This morning I’m chewing on what I didn’t chew on. A bit in wonder at what I failed to pause in awe over. Thankful that I went back randomly to see what I was thinking on this day in my … Continue reading

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On Me Alone

They are the words of Christ, spoken 1,000 years before Christ. The cry of the Son of Man expressed by a woman of God. They’ve popped from the page before. They do so again this morning. “On me alone, my … Continue reading

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Under His Wings

Reading Ruth is kind of like engaging in a “Where’s Waldo” book. No, I’m not on the lookout for some skinny dude in a striped red shirt with a beanie on. Instead, I’m actively trying to spot Jesus. In particular, … Continue reading

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He Wholly Followed the LORD

Okay, not gonna lie, the CSB took a bit of a hit for me this morning. While I’m pretty quick to pull the trigger on some things, other things, like switching which translation of the bible I use, takes a … Continue reading

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A “Step One” Savior

Don’t know if I’m connecting dots here that should be connected, but let’s run with it. Hovering over Matthew 18:15-20, a “go to” passage when it comes to church discipline. A progressive path towards calling a brother (or sister) to … Continue reading

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From Cloths to Cloths

Hovering over the last few verses of John 19 this morning, and one word jumps off the page. A word that is commonly heard at this time of year in the re-telling of the birth of a Child. But this … Continue reading

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A Righteous Branch, A Redeeming Name

Hovering over five words in Jeremiah this morning . . . one hyphenated word if I spoke Hebrew. Experiencing an ebb and flow as I meditate. The outgoing “tide”, the emptying of self, that of wonder, awe, and worship. The … Continue reading

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Two Prophetic Words

Two prophetic words rattling around in my head this morning. The first the dying words of a patriarch, the second the desperate words of a king. The first enveloped with an anticipation of glory, the second enduring the agony of … Continue reading

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