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Rerun Week – Day 4

Feeling a need to ponder and pray more and produce less during my morning devos this week. So after my readings, my plan is to go back through my archives and let the thinking of the past minister to me … Continue reading

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Contrasts of Salvation

It’s the contrast that hits me this morning. The contrast between the God who, through Isaiah, declares He is God like no other (Isa. 45:5-6), and the same God, recorded by Luke, who is crucified on the cross (Lk. 23:32-34). … Continue reading

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Bringing Us to Glory

It’s a verse about Him, but I can’t help take notice of what it says about me. A jaw-dropping truth about the Savior, and a head-lifting reality for those being saved. Jesus is greater. That’s the big idea of the … Continue reading

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So Not Intuitive (A 2012 Rerun)

This morning I’m chewing on what I didn’t chew on. A bit in wonder at what I failed to pause in awe over. Thankful that I went back randomly to see what I was thinking on this day in my … Continue reading

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On Me Alone

They are the words of Christ, spoken 1,000 years before Christ. The cry of the Son of Man expressed by a woman of God. They’ve popped from the page before. They do so again this morning. “On me alone, my … Continue reading

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Under His Wings

Reading Ruth is kind of like engaging in a “Where’s Waldo” book. No, I’m not on the lookout for some skinny dude in a striped red shirt with a beanie on. Instead, I’m actively trying to spot Jesus. In particular, … Continue reading

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He Wholly Followed the LORD

Okay, not gonna lie, the CSB took a bit of a hit for me this morning. While I’m pretty quick to pull the trigger on some things, other things, like switching which translation of the bible I use, takes a … Continue reading

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A “Step One” Savior

Don’t know if I’m connecting dots here that should be connected, but let’s run with it. Hovering over Matthew 18:15-20, a “go to” passage when it comes to church discipline. A progressive path towards calling a brother (or sister) to … Continue reading

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From Cloths to Cloths

Hovering over the last few verses of John 19 this morning, and one word jumps off the page. A word that is commonly heard at this time of year in the re-telling of the birth of a Child. But this … Continue reading

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A Righteous Branch, A Redeeming Name

Hovering over five words in Jeremiah this morning . . . one hyphenated word if I spoke Hebrew. Experiencing an ebb and flow as I meditate. The outgoing “tide”, the emptying of self, that of wonder, awe, and worship. The … Continue reading

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