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Give Me Understanding

The songwriter appeals to the One who made him to help him. Give me understanding, he pleads, help me figure this out and to trust you as I do. Your hands made me and formed me;give me understandingso that I … Continue reading

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Submitting to God’s Permissive Will

If I’m honest with myself, I’m prone to “kick against the goads” (Acts 26:14). Not like Paul who persecuted followers of the risen Christ despite all the evidence he was aware of which testified of a risen Christ. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Nevertheless, By God’s Will

Paul had a lot to say as he wrote to the church in Rome, but there was a lot more he wanted to experience when he visited with them. Both at the beginning and at the end of his letter … Continue reading

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No Choice in the Matter

Yesterday I confessed I’m struggling with patience. This morning it’s before me that I’m struggling also with silence, as in the need to be so. Yesterday the story concerned a promised son, this morning it’s about his promised bride. Genesis … Continue reading

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The God Who Allows It

A repeated phrase in Revelation 13 grabs my attention this morning. Though I would love for the original language behind it to be unique and special, it isn’t. In fact, it appears it’s more the ESV translators that, for some … Continue reading

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Agree with God

One of the tricky things about reading Job is trying not to snooze when the other guys are speaking. You know, the other guys — the “friends”, the “counselors”, the “comforters” — those who knew a thing or two and … Continue reading

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When It Pleased God

Reading Galatians 1 this morning. Reading about the gospel of Christ — about those who seek to distort it, of Paul who would defend it, and of the Galatians who so quickly deserted it. But rather than being caught up … Continue reading

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A Revealer of Mysteries (2011 Rerun)

RRF . . . Rerun Friday. It’s a thing. Actually, it’s not a thing. But this morning it will be. Here’s some thoughts on my opening reading in Daniel from 10 years ago. The story is classic . . . … Continue reading

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In the Right

I have an early morning airport run to make, so gonna be quick to jot down a few thoughts after starting in on Lamentations this morning. The city is empty. The sounds of weeping echo in the barren streets. Most … Continue reading

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Time and Chance

They’re bro’s but they’re bullies. Where you see one, you know the other is often lurking. Though you might be able to avoid them for awhile, there’s always this low-lying dread that you’re going to run into them at the … Continue reading

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