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He Knows the Heart. He Cleanses the Heart.

I recently had the chance to help a sister in our church with the latter parts of a move she was making from a home that she had lived in for years. In this case, “latter parts” means “dump run.” … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Know. But Jesus Knew.

He had no idea he would be an integral part of the Jesus Come to Earth Tour. That when the “planning committee” was working out the details for the Son of God’s three years of flesh-caped, earthly ministry, they thought … Continue reading

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Precious Thoughts

It really is about me . . . sort of. If the songwriter’s song was intended to become the reader’s song, and I think it was, then it’s about me. Twenty-two of the twenty-four verses have the word “I”, or … Continue reading

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Jesus Aware

I suppose He might have seen the look on the faces of those who were offended and guessed what thoughts were running through their heads. Or perhaps during the woman’s display of extravagant worship He could have overhead the grumbling … Continue reading

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You Saw Me

Philip was pretty sure Jesus was Messiah. Nathanael? Not so much. Philip had met Jesus and encountered Him. Nathanael hadn’t. Understandably then, he was somewhat skeptical–his skepticism fueled by a couple of things. First, he could not recall anything in … Continue reading

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A Bit Standoffish

Perhaps part of the wide-felt connection to the Psalms is that sometimes the songwriter often says what we are afraid of saying. That his divinely inspired lyrics often put into words what we find ourselves thinking but not comfortable openly … Continue reading

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And He Knew . . .

They had hit the wall. The oppression had become too much. The Egyptian taskmasters had become ruthless and their demands were beyond any manner of reason. Their burden had become too great. Life for the Israelites in Egypt had become … Continue reading

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