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A Vessel of Mercy

This morning I’m chewing on the sovereignty of God. That God’s will is accomplished not because we comply, necessarily, but simply because it’s His will. That what He determines is done. What He promises He performs. Kind of a mind … Continue reading

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Going With Us

For Moses it was the ultimate litmus test that he and his people had found favor in the sight of God. Beyond their deliverance from bondage; greater than escaping their enemies by walking through a parted sea; more indicative than … Continue reading

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My People

If I had lived back then, and known then what I know now, I probably would have distanced myself from them. If they were the only church in town back then, I’d probably have either started my own church with … Continue reading

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A People of Refuge

When I read in the morning I’m on the lookout for a number of themes, each associated with a specific way I’ll mark my Bible. This morning it’s something I shaded in red that has me thinking–the color I use … Continue reading

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His Own

The people of God are referred to in many ways in the Scriptures. We are saints, and we are His disciples. We are sheep, and we comprise His body. We are family, and we are also His bride. And this … Continue reading

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