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Seek Your Servant

It’s not the ending you’d expect. After 175 verses scripted to exalt the law of the Lord it’s not the finale you’d think would be written. Or is it? Maybe after penning such an ode of delight for God’s word, … Continue reading

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New Wineskins

They weren’t crazy about John’s message, but his methods, at least, seemed in line. The amount of time spent in fasting by his disciples seemed consistent with what righteousness demanded. And they were seen offering prayers in the temple often … Continue reading

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The Gospel Covers the Gap

Travel day today. Made my way to a bit of paradise today to mark our 36th anniversary, remember the past 35, and take advantage of some extended quiet time (can Maui be considered one’s prayer closet? . . . hoping … Continue reading

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Favor for the Foreigner

She had made the call. She was all in. Ready to leave her home and her homeland. Prepared to venture into the unknown. A Moabite by birth, she was now prepared to be an Israelite by choice. If her mother-in-law … Continue reading

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Participation and Expectation

No way! That’s Paul’s response to the question . . . no way! By no means are we to continue in sin so that grace may abound (Rom. 6:1). No longer should we play around in the muck just to … Continue reading

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Divine Permission

I think I get the point of Jesus’ story in the first 16 verses of Matthew 20. Those who had received a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s labor really shouldn’t have had any gripe with the master of … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace . . . Not Arbitrary Grace

Monday’s are my Sabbath. They are my down day. No alarm, rarely a schedule. My day to recoup, renew, and “rejoice in the wife of my youth” (Prov. 5:18). Thus, on most Mondays, while I will read, I usually won’t … Continue reading

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