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A Spirit of Gentleness

Read a well-known verse this morning, but honestly, with unexpected consequences. Started to breeze through a familiar “command to obey,” but encountered a living and active sword along the way. One word. That’s all it was, one word. And it … Continue reading

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Anxiety Pride

Ask most of us what the opposite of humility is and we’d come up with pride. Ask us how pride manifests itself and the things that probably come to mind are: boasting; self exaltation; arrogance; thinking of myself more highly … Continue reading

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The Implanted Word

While it’s been freely given to us, we still need to receive it. Though we’ve got it, we still need to do something with it. While it’s true that it came with our being born again, it’s also true that, … Continue reading

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Where God Lives

There are some verses that, no matter how often you read them, just seem to lift you up. Portions of Scripture that kinda’ make you soar. They stretch your imagination . . . humble your spirit . . . comfort … Continue reading

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A Decreasing Ministry

If he had really cared about the ministry he would have done something. He would have seen it was flagging. That the crowds were growing thinner. That his influence was diminishing. And he would have gone back to the drawing … Continue reading

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Tapping Into Grace

As the saying goes, “What you win them with is what you win them to.” So, for those of us who know that any merit we have before a holy God is by grace alone, we desire nothing more than … Continue reading

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Divine Forbearance

According to 2Kings, his reign was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. Sure, there would be one more government mandated revival in Judah after him, but Manasseh’s determination to do “evil in the sight of the LORD, … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing (a 2013 rerun)

Reading in 2Chronicles again this morning.  Hovering over the account of King Asa’s reign and thinking again of how easy it seems to be for those who start well to not finish so well.  That seeking the LORD now doesn’t … Continue reading

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You Talk . . . I’ll Listen

There seems to be an increased clarity as I read through Job this year. To be honest, in past years I’ve read through the story and there’s been kind of a fog between chapters 3 and 37. After the initial … Continue reading

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