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The Voice

They were all wrapped around the wheel about a blind man seeing, but Jesus decided to change the subject on them–He wanted to talk about hearing. They questioned the claim that the blind man seeing was ever really blind (Jn. … Continue reading

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Disciples Indeed

Got back last night from a much needed couple of days back in the homeland filling the tank with grandkids time (I think their parents were there too). But though the reserves were being replenished, the routine was unsurprisingly dismantled. … Continue reading

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A Divine Dynamic

Reminded this morning that it’s meant to be less of an activity and more of a dynamic. That the benefit is not just in what I do, but in what I long for God to do. That, in a very … Continue reading

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But You Said

You know he had to be thinking, “This was a mistake!” Sure, after 20 years it was time to return to the land of his fathers and get away from crazy uncle Laban– God said so (Gen. 31:3). So Jacob … Continue reading

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The Way of Life

She must have been a beauty. Her allure bordering on irresistible. ‘Cause the father keeps warning his son about her, again and again, in these opening chapters of Proverbs. With the battingĀ of her eyelashes, she captures the unsuspecting’s attention (6:25). … Continue reading

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A Right Response to the Word

Some pretty high-powered reading this morning. Romans 3 declares that all have sinned, the law bearing witness to man’s failure at works-based righteousness. And then it reveals that a righteousness of God has been manifest — “the righteousness of God … Continue reading

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