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The Stench of Faith

Lazarus was the one who had died. But initially at least, Jesus was focused on making Martha more alive. While the Master would get around to dealing with the brother’s cold body, He focused at first on continuing to fan … Continue reading

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Justified By Works

Context is everything. And that there are two sides to the salvation coin needs to be grappled with. Such is the paradox created by one three-word phrase in what Luther referred to as “a right strawy epistle.” By “strawy” Luther … Continue reading

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Grace Training

Been away for the past few days with some of my girls. Hard to get to my computer, but have been enjoying working my way through Titus. And, if I’m picking up what Paul has been laying down for Titus, … Continue reading

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What Shall I Do?

It was an encounter of the divine kind. A lawyer of Israel stood before the Judge of all mankind and sought to put Him to the test. The topic? How to inherit eternal life. The question? What shall I do? … Continue reading

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How To Swallow a Camel

His hour is drawing nearer. The cross is approaching. Jesus is in Jerusalem. He has entered the temple. A last cleansing and a last confrontation. In this corner, Jesus the Messiah. Standing opposed to Him, the chief priests, the elders, … Continue reading

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The Will of God

Sometimes you gotta dig . . . other times it’s handed to you on a silver platter. Sometimes you don’t know what God wants you to do from a given passage . . . and then there’s those other times … Continue reading

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A Time to Believe and A Time to Behave

I was reading in Ecclesiastes 3 this morning and was reminded that there is a season for everything . . . “an appropriate occasion for every human event or activity” (ESV Study Bible). That there is a time to be … Continue reading

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