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Filling Jars and Seeing the Glory

The glory was manifest that day. And while the disciples had front row seats, what’s capturing my thoughts are the no-name servants who were actually “on stage” as part of the drama. So this morning, I’m thinking about the connection … Continue reading

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He was a runner. And runners run. Not that he ran for sport or for competition, but that he ran in support of, and in service to, his king. When David had been forced to flee Absalom, it was he … Continue reading

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And He Played the Harp Too

To quote Admiral Boom from Mary Poppins, “A word of advice, young man. Storm signals are up at number 17. Bit of heavy weather brewing there.” Number 17, in my reading this morning, was anywhere Saul was. The ego-driven king … Continue reading

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How Do I Smell?

If I’m correctly applying what I’m reading this morning, then I have an odor. If, what Paul says concerning himself is also true of me, than I emit a particular scent. Not a literal aroma (though some of us do), … Continue reading

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An Entrusted Stewardship

Perspective. It makes all the difference, doesn’t it? It’s the difference between the cup being half-full or half-empty. The difference between being discouraged by how far we have to go and being jazzed by how far we’ve come. And, as … Continue reading

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“I’ll take lesser-appreciated New Testament people for 800, Alex.” “Ok. And the answer to the question is: Paul said of him, ‘For I have no one like him, who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare. They all seek their … Continue reading

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Paul met them in Corinth but they were originally from Rome. Paul had come to Corinth to preach the gospel, they had left Italy because of persecution. And while they were all descendants of one of the tribes of Israel, … Continue reading

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