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Wearied As He Was

Talk about your encounter of the divine kind. One on one with God incarnate. Learning about living water. Being offered springs that well up to eternal life. Finding out, up close and personal, what it’s like to encounter omniscience. Discovering … Continue reading

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The Love of God

While I think I pretty well get it, I’m sure I pretty much do not fully grasp it. Finished up John 17 as part of my morning readings. “Christ’s High Priestly Prayer” is how it’s summarized in my Bible. Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Worn Out Yet Worshiping

What a contrast between two of my readings this morning. Job is overwhelmed by his many sores, his mental anguish, and his miserable comforters, and so says, “Surely now God has worn me out” (Job 16:7a). Mary, on the other … Continue reading

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A Connection

There’s a connection, a vital connection. But for too many, that connection is never really made. For some, the Old Testament is considered irrelevant for faith today. For others, it’s seen, at best, as optional for the believer. But if … Continue reading

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Someone On the Inside

Sitting in Bend Oregon this morning . . . we’re on final countdown to my middle daughter’s wedding this weekend. Thinking about what I’ve read this morning in the latter part of Hebrews 6. That God made a promise to … Continue reading

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He Shall Bear

The phrase is repeated four times in Exodus 28. Said it before, said it again, repetition is God’s way of saying, “Listen up!” Also discovered that the phrase is used nowhere else other than in this chapter . . . … Continue reading

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