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God’s Grace Was On Him

I’ve been reading “favor” for so many years in the ESV that when I encounter “grace” in the CSB this morning it kind of stops me in my tracks. After all, what did Jesus need grace for? When [Jesus’ father … Continue reading

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Just As the Lord Commanded

Think of those who walked out of Egypt behind Moses and, most often, you think of those who stumbled in the wilderness. Not much to show from that generation when they entered the promised land. In fact, not much of … Continue reading

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Aaron Shall Bear

Reading in Exodus this morning. And what catches my attention, and imagination, is a phrase repeated 4 times in the instructions concerning the priest’s garments. The uniform to be worn by Aaron was, to say the least, pretty elaborate. And, … Continue reading

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A Big Deal

Started up in my 2022 reading plan last week, but today we return to routine. And this morning I’m hovering over Matthew’s account of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into … Continue reading

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Behind the Curtain

Most often (like maybe always) I think of our hope as a hope which looks up to heaven. But this morning I’m reminded it’s also a hope that should prompt me to remember what’s behind the curtain. We have this … Continue reading

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Our Confession and Our Confidence

As I finish up Hebrews 4 this morning, two penetrating commands to obey, one preeminent reason. Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our … Continue reading

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He Holds On to You

“Hold on to Jesus.” Ever heard that said before? Ever given that counsel before? “Hang in their man, keep holding on to Jesus!” I think I’ve offered up such advice on more than one occasion. But something I read in … Continue reading

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We Have Therefore Let Us

Who hasn’t heard people talking about “the last days” over these last months. Folks wondering if the craziness that’s been 2020 is actually the beginning of the birth pains (or even the full on labor) that will deliver the return … Continue reading

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To Have and To Hold

Had dinner with a friend at a restaurant last night — a small, family-business sort of restaurant. Asked our waitress, “So, how are you doing?” She knew what I was asking, how’s the pandemic affected business? Though I only saw … Continue reading

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The Ladder and The Promise

Bottom line? Jacob didn’t deserve a ladder. When all was said and done, he should have been done. Extorted his brother’s birthright for some food. Deceived his father when the old man was blind and vulnerable. And, the huckster managed … Continue reading

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