The Elect Lady

We don’t know much about her. John addresses her as “the elect lady” . . . or, in the Greek, elektos Kuria . . . some think that Kuria was her given name. That the lady was named Lady . . . that Lady was truly a lady in the fullest sense of the word. Regardless, she was elect . . . chosen by God . . . before the foundation of the earth determined to be brought into relationship with the Living Sovereign through the agency of the Holy Spirit based on the perfect Person and finished work of Jesus Christ.

And from John’s short letter you know that she had a heritage for her sister was also elect (v.13) . . . and that she had a legacy as her children walked in the truth (v.4). You sense that she had a reputation for hospitality . . . that she was quick to open her house to those of the family of God. And you also know that she held a special place in the heart of the elder John who wanted to connect with, to see her face to face, that their joy would be made complete (v.12).

So why am I a bit fixated on Kuria, the elect lady, this morning?

Almost twenty-four hours ago another elect lady was greeted . . . she was welcomed home. She was received by the One who had called her . . . redeemed her . . . infused her with His Spirit . . . and was glorified through her. She had lived for Him . . . served Him . . . taught others about Him . . . and, by His grace, with her husband raised a family of children who also are “walking in the truth” in Him . . . and now she is with Him.

While death is all around us, there is something that hits close to home when it involves the promotion of a saint into glory with whom you have known fellowship . . . one that taught in the Sunday School classroom across from you . . . one that you were privileged to talk to from time to time after class and know the passion and joy she had for teaching young children the old, old story. To think of the smile that so graced our church family now bringing the Savior pleasure is the stuff that makes our faith real . . . our hope so alive.

And while we grieve the separation . . . while the adjustment to her absence will be difficult . . . His grace will be sufficient.

So this morning I think of the elect Kuria. She whom the Savior loved in truth . . . loved to the uttermost . . . loved to the giving of His own life for hers.

I rejoice that the elect Lady has been translated from walking by faith to worshiping by sight . . . that the Master no longer is revealing Himself to her through the Spirit’s illumination of His Word through paper and ink, but that Kuria now beholds Him face to face . . .

. . . so that our joy may be complete. (2John 12b)

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