In Heaven . . . On Earth

To some degree, I get where Asaph is coming from in Psalm 73. What is going on around here?!? How can the way of the wicked be gaining such momentum? How can that which is so counter God be becoming so mainstream? If the way of those who scoff at Deity prospers, is it really worth it to keep trying to swim upstream . . . a stream which seems to be growing into a river with class 6 whitewater rapids? The “prosperity of the wicked” almost made Asaph’s feet to stumble, his steps to nearly slip (v.2) . . . until he entered into the sanctuary of God . . . and there, he put what was happening on earth into the context of who is in heaven.

Nevertheless, I am continually with You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will receive me to glory. Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides You.
                                                                                       (Psalm 73:23-25 ESV)

Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop looking around and return to looking up . . . I need to try and stop figuring out what’s going down on earth and refocus on what the Scriptures reveal of what’s happening in heaven . . . I need to guard against the deepening darkness of this world from obscuring the marvelous light of glory . . . I need to resist the temptation to walk by sight and return to walking by faith.

And entering into the sanctuary (vv. 16-17) . . . purposefully going to that holy place where God’s people gather for worship . . . is a great place to regain perspective of what I possess in heaven and the implications that should have on earth.

Worship has a way of reviving the heart. In the course of singing His praise, there is often a renewal of His power. In declaring the mighty works of God there is frequently an overwhelming sense of being a “trophy of His grace” . . . the fruit of His labor . . . the object of His affection. Though it’s not about me, raising up in song . . . meditating on His word . . . being still and knowing that He is God . . . can’t help but have an impact on me.

As Asaph reminded himself of the promises of God . . . that God had brought Asaph into eternal covenantal relationship . . . that Asaph was always with the God who had promised to always be with him . . . that he walked as with God holding his right hand . . . that he maneuvered through life with the guidance of Divine counsel . . . and that a day was coming when faith would give way to sight . . . reminding himself of all this, Asaph knew afresh of what He possessed in heaven . . . and of Who possessed him . . . even on crazy old earth. Heavenly context has a way of shaping earthly reality.

The practice of worship . . . the promise of heaven . . . drives a perspective on earth . . .

Doesn’t change the nightly news . . . but puts it into an eternal reality . . . and ignites a daily focus . . . and there is nothing on earth I desire besides You.

Time to enter the sanctuary . . . by His grace . . . for His glory . . .

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