To Know the Taste

“Betcha can’t eat just one!” Remember that ad? I think it was a Frito Lay advertisement for their potato chips. But I can think of any number of foods which, for me, it’s hard just to have one. You get that first bite . . . or finish that first piece . . . and the taste buds have come alive . . . and the pleasure sensors are screaming, “More! More!” So what’s this got to do with my morning readings? Well . . . in a way . . . Peter says the same thing . . .

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up to salvation–if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.   (1Peter 2:2-3 ESV)

Far from being a chore . . . or a discipline . . . pursuing the things of Christ should be a craving . . . a craving driven by having tasted of the Lord’s goodness. If we’ve tasted of the Lord, then . . . betcha’ can’t eat just one. You will crave more of Him . . . and He will provide all you’re able to consume . . . and much, much more. His table is full . . . the feast is eternal . . . all that’s required is we come with bibs tucked under our chin ready to “chow down!”

So why is it a chore sometimes? Why can there be periods where we never go to the table . . . or, if we do, it feels like so much work? I think because, at times, we’ve lost the taste.

That taste we had when we were first saved . . . or, that taste we sampled when we saw God’s hand on our lives through an answered prayer . . . or, that bit of flavor we experienced when God graced us with an unexpected blessing . . . or, that savor on our lips from that portion of God’s Word that seemed to just burn in our hearts . . . or, that indescribable sensation when we actually knew we had heard the Holy Spirit’s voice or were keenly aware of Him prompting our spirits.

All believers can think back to those times when they experienced “the flavor” of the living Lord . . . those times when they encountered God . . . when they partook of His presence . . . when they enjoyed sweet communion inside the veil with the gracious God of eternity. That’s the taste . . . the flavor . . . the reality . . . which propels us to seek Him more. Those are the experiences that constitute that “first bite” and so drives us to heaven’s door with our dishes in our hands crying, “Please Sir, can I have some more!”

But sometimes we lose the taste. The flavor becomes bland as we go through the routine . . . as we do the Christian thing just because that’s what we do. We open our Bibles . . . stare at them . . . maybe quickly read our devotional reading for the day . . . but we don’t really savor the food . . . we don’t linger over it to catch it’s subtle aroma . . . to taste the nuances that are detected only through the teaching ministry of the Spirit inside of us. Or, we go to church . . . we don’t go to meet with THE Church, the body of Christ, we just go to church. We walk in . . . take a seat . . . watch the show . . . maybe struggle with the worship team’s song selection or delivery of the songs . . . maybe critique the sermon . . . throw in a couple of bucks . . . eat a cookie . . . and walk out. We really have no expectation of encountering the One who said that He would be in the presence of His people and amid their praises. We’re not looking to “love on” one another . . . or for that fact, to be “loved on” by anyone else. No expectation that we’ll hear the voice of God from the pulpit. So . . . we don’t taste . . . and the craving subsides.

Oh, how we need to continually taste that the Lord is good. How we need to be still and know that He is God. How we need to count our every blessings, count them one by one. How we need to savor our salvation. And when we do . . . betcha’ can’t eat just one!

We will crave the things of God just like a newborn craves milk. Recapturing a little bit of the taste will result in a whole lot of desire for the the things of God — “Word of God speak!!!” Sampling again that flavor of heaven will ignite our spiritual senses to earnestly hunger and thirst after the things of His righteousness. No drive-thru, fast food meals here. Instead, it’s a lifetime of eating and savoring and digesting and growing . . . all the time tasting that the Lord is good . . . and then craving for more.

O’ to know the taste! To feed on Him deeply! To grow up into our salvation! By His grace . . . for His glory!

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