A Beloved Child

We had a baby last night. Well, we didn’t directly . . . my oldest daughter did. A little girl came into the world and it lit up the “text-o-sphere.” My daughter started a group text earlier this week when she first went into labor. It’s been a running conversation that exploded with joy when the phones sounded and the ipads rang out around 8:00 last night . . . “It’s a girl!” First pictures were being sent and received . . . immediately she was unanimously deemed “beautiful” . . . declared to be “perfect” . . . and everyone couldn’t wait to meet her. Only in the world a few minutes and she was already a beloved child.

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.    (Ephesians 5:1 ESV)

Reading in Ephesians 5 this morning . . . starts off with one of my favorite verses . . . one of the most inspiring verses, for me, in all of Scripture . . . be imitators of God. Mimic the Father. Do like Him until, by His grace and through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, you become more like Him. But what hit me this morning, is how I usually ignore the second part of the verse . . . more focused on the command to obey then I am on the reminder of whose child I am.

I’m encouraged to “watch what God does, then do it” (MSG) not to try and audition for His family and hopefully be accepted, but because I am already His beloved child. It’s a response . . . not a requisite.

On that night I was born again . . . on that night I was translated from darkness into light . . . the news raced through heaven as there was great “joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:10). No need for a group text . . . as they were all gathered before the throne, the Lamb in the midst, and they shouted with joy, “It’s a another saint!” . . . “Beautiful” . . . “Perfect . . . just like the Son!” . . . “Can’t wait to meet him!”

How I, most often, rush over the last part of that verse without pausing in awe and wonder that, by His grace, I was born again into His family. My sin paid for . . . the wrath of God that was mine fully poured out on His beloved Son . . . reconciliation accomplished . . . and, wonder of wonders, adopted fully as one of his beloved children.

That little baby, who came into the world last night, did nothing to merit or earn her way into the family. But she now bears the name . . . she’s now considered “one of us” . . . a beloved child . . . and she’s not even 12 hours old yet. And, just like the miracle of birth, so too is the miracle of new birth. Brought into the kingdom . . . seated with Christ in the heavenlies . . . not of merit, but of mercy . . . not because of my goodness, but all because of His amazing grace. Part of the family . . . a beloved child.

Looking forward to seeing my daughter, her husband, and another one of “my girls.”

Looking forward to seeing my Father, His Son, as another one of His beloved children.

To Him be all glory and praise . . .

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