He Will Build A House

The story never grows old for me. The story of a king, David, who has ascended to the throne through the calling and favor of God. And, as he looks about the surroundings of his palace, he takes note of the ark of the covenant. While David lives in a “house of cedar” the place where the glory of God dwells is “under a tent.” And David thinks there’s something not right about this situation. And so, his heart is moved to build a house fit for the glory of God to dwell. And God’s response? Love this part . . . “the LORD will build you a house.”

The LORD, through Nathan the prophet, informs David that it will not be his hands which build a dwelling place for God. God will first establish David’s line . . . covenant with David to establish David’s throne forever through his offspring . . . and that it would be one of David’s sons that would build a house for God.

“When your days are fulfilled to walk with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring after you, one of your own sons, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for Me, and I will establish his throne forever. I will be to him a father, and he shall be to Me a son. I will not take My steadfast love from him, as I took it from him who was before you, but I will confirm him in My house and in My kingdom forever, and his throne shall be established forever.”   (2Chronicles 17:11-14 ESV)

To a degree, this prophetic word was fulfilled through Solomon. A son of David blessed by God with wisdom, intelligence, wealth, and peace with his enemies. An offspring of David who fulfilled the desire of his father’s heart and built a magnificent temple for the ark to reside in . . . nothing like it in all the world. If anything on earth might be deemed worthy to be designated as the dwelling place for the glory of God, this was it. But, this wasn’t really it.

Solomon’s kingdom would fail. His heart would falter . . . his faithfulness would fade . . . and his throne would eventually be divided. The temple of Solomon would also atrophy. The worship would become mechanical . . . the courts would be defiled . . . and eventually the glory would depart. So, if Solomon and his temple weren’t the fulfillment of God’s promise to David, then who was? I know!!!

Jesus, the greater son of David, born through David’s lineage but not by human seed, would be the one to build a forever kingdom. It would be His throne established for eternity. The incarnate Christ would be the prophesied Son. The Son of God, forever rooted in the love of God as He Himself, being one with the Father and the Spirit, is the source of love. And, says the prophet, “He will build a house for Me.”

And the King has come and declared the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And He has been building a house ever since. A temple not made with hands, fit to house the glory of God. A place where the holy presence of God abides. A house not made with bricks and mortar, but with living stones . . . men and women, boys and girls, redeemed by grace through the work of the cross . . . being built into a “dwelling place for God by the Spirit” (Eph 2:22).

He will build a house . . . and God will establish His throne forever.

O’ the wonder of David’s greater Son . . . O’ the assurance of God’s eternal promises . . . O’ the privilege to part of the house . .

By His grace . . . for His glory . . .

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