Reclaiming Our Feed

This morning I was reminded that, in a sense, we all have a FaceBook page. A “news feed” that posts what we’re doing at any given time. But unlike the FB page we set up, we don’t get to choose what goes on this page. There’s no posting just the best selfies . . . or just putting in our status the most witty of comments. We don’t get to control what people know about us based on what we choose to “Like” or what we select to “Follow.” Actually, we don’t control the feed at all. It’s a live, real-time feed. Not only does it show snapshots of what we’re doing, it also streams what we’re thinking. In fact, it lays our whole lives bare. And who’s on the other side of this feed? Only one person. None other than the LORD of Creation Himself.

For a man’s ways are before the eyes of the LORD,
           and He ponders all his paths.    (Proverbs 5:21 ESV)

Context? A wise father’s warning to his son concerning “a forbidden woman,” one whose lips “drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil” (Prov. 5:3). Specifically, she is an adulteress. Broadly though, I think she could be seen as the intoxicating allure of the world . . . seeking those betrothed to heaven to find their pleasure in her rather than “the wife of their youth” . . . inviting those pledged to Another to find their satisfaction in her, rather than “drinking water from their own cisterns.”

And at the core of this warning is a reminder. A simple reminder that we are “online” . . . that the “Go Camera” is running . . . that we are “live streaming” . . . and that the holy God of heaven “ponders” all our paths. The original word is the word for “weigh.” The LORD weighs all our ways. Our ways of behaving . . . our ways of thinking . . . our ways of prioritizing . . . our ways of hiding our ways. All of it, before the eyes of the LORD.

How intimidating . . . if it weren’t for the fact that, . . . and I say this with deepest reverence and awe, . . . He has chosen to “Friend” us . . . and, as we allow Him, to take over and reclaim our “feed.”

While a holy God would be absolutely just in “blocking” us as friends . . . He has chosen, instead, to redeem us. Sending His Son to call us to Himself. Offering His Son as the atoning sacrifice for our transgressions, and the once for all payment for our sin. Sealing all those, who receive His gift of salvation, with His blessed Holy Spirit . . . a guarantee of eternal deliverance . . . and the Source of internal redesign . . . forming within us the image of Christ.

And mine is to submit to His sanctifying in work, in part, by taking heed to His sanctifying word.

My son, be attentive to my wisdom;
           incline your ear to my understanding . . .     (Proverbs 5:1 ESV)

What a friend we have in Jesus. A Friend who doesn’t need us to “post” what’s going on or “tweet” what we’re thinking. A Friend who sees all our ways . . . ponders all our paths . . . and, with over-flowing grace, has washed away our sin and is working on reclaiming our “feed” . . . for His glory.

O’ what a Savior!


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