Telling Us What He Just Told Us

I’m hovering over the last words of the last reading of the last day in my reading plan for this year. They also happen to be the last words of the Bible. There is something about last words. When you’re coming to the end of all that you want to say, you want to use those last few words to make sure that others are picking up what you are laying down. Can’t remember where, but I was once told that, if you want to ensure you are communicating, start by telling your audience what you’re going to tell them . . . then tell them what you want to tell them . . . and then, wrap up by telling them what you just told them. Here’s how the Word of God wraps up all the words of God . . . here’s how the Spirit tells us what He just told us . . .

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.  Amen.    (Revelation 22:21 ESV)

Cover to cover, the Book is about grace. From start to finish the story is about grace. Define it how you want . . . forgiving mercy . . . unmerited favor . . . God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense . . . when all is said and done . . . when all is done and said . . . the grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.

There is no other ground to stand on . . . there is no other plea to hope on . . . but for the grace shown to the creation by the Creator.

It was grace that compelled a God who so loves, to breath life into lumps of dirt that He might share that love, though He knew they would spurn it. It was because of grace that, from eternity past, God purposed to redeem to Himself a people. A people who would be born not just once by natural means, but would be born again through the regenerating work of His Holy Spirit. Grace that would replace hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. Hearts dead to the things of God made alive with hearts that beat with the rhythm of heaven. And while the natural man, the flesh, would try to “reject” this divine organ transplant, it is by grace that the new man learns to put down the old man. Grace that provides the continual cleansing of sin through the eternal sacrifice of the Lamb of God. Grace that forms the very nature of the Beloved Son in those He has redeemed by His blood.

It is sufficient grace. Grace able to save to the uttermost. To save from the penalty of sin, to save from the power of sin, and–O Come, Lord Jesus –to save, one day, from the presence of sin.

It is sustaining grace. Through weakness and through waywardness. Through faltering and failure. Through trial and temptation. That grace which is with all His people, will keep His people always. The work that He begun, He will complete. Not by my might . . . not by my strength . . . but by His blessed Spirit.

It is saturating grace. Abundant grace. Grace to overflowing. Like a mighty river poured out on those who, by faith, seek to place themselves in the paths of transforming grace. As one songwriter put it, “If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking!”

O that I would continue to abide in His grace. That I would continue to testify of His grace.

For His glory.



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