Praising Him in the Storm

I pulled this one out of the archives. After reading Psalm 29 this morning, I sat back and hovered over the command, “Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness.” And, as I’m noodling on it, I thought I must have written some thoughts down concerning this magnificent psalm sometime in the past. Yup, I did. Back in 2010. I’ve pulled it out . . . brushed it off . . . and touched it up. Five years later, I’m again intrigued by the thought of praising Him in the storm . . .

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a good thunderstorm . . . a while since I took advantage of a wall-rattling storm to just sit and listen and watch. There is something about sitting there anticipating the next peal of thunder as it rolls in and then explodes overhead . . . about watching the sky, waiting for the next time it lights up . . . about witnessing a bolt of lightning connect the heavens to the earth. Have you ever seen the lighting and then started to count as you waited for the thunder . . . only to not even get to “two” before your house is hammered with what seems like a sonic boom? It’s kind of scary! . . . and kind of exhilarating! . . . all at the same time. But you know, for all those times I took to “enjoy” a good thunderstorm, I never once wrote a song of praise because of it. David didn’t waste the opportunity.

I’m reading Psalm 29 this morning. Seven times in these 11 verses David describes “the voice of the Lord.”

“The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders . . . the voice of the LORD is powerful . . . the voice of the LORD is full of majesty . . . The voice of the LORD breaks the cedars . . . The voice of the LORD flashes forth flames of fire . . . The voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness . . . The voice of the LORD makes the deer give birth, and strips the forests bare . . . ”    (Psalm 29:3-9 ESV)

Awesome! It makes me think of some of those hot summer night thunder and lightning storms we experienced when we lived in the interior of B.C.. You knew you were witnessing raw power unleashed from the sky. Oh, had I only had my head more in the game, such storms would have also been opportunities to recognize something of the power of God. Then I too, just as David did, could have praised Him in the storm.

David’s response to bone rattling-thunder and eye-blinding lightning was to call all of heaven to a worship meeting.

Ascribe to the LORD, O heavenly beings, ascribe to the LORD glory and strength. Ascribe to the LORD the glory due His name; worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness. . . . and in His temple all cry, “Glory!”   (Psalm 29:1-2,9b ESV)

Talk about creating your perfect environment for a worship concert. The all natural light show . . . the special effects . . . the hammering, low frequency bass sounds emanating from a cloud constructed sub-woofer. All creating the perfect venue as the participants look toward the heavens and to the Author of the “production” and declare, “It’s time to give Him glory!” David saw in the storm the power of God . . . the majesty of God . . . and rather than analyze the physical phenomenon in terms of barometric pressures and such, he instead responded with worship.

Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.

Oh, how I love that thought! There’s the idea of the holy beauty of the dwelling place of God . . . that inner sanctuary . . . that place “behind the curtain.” That place where no defiled thing is permitted . . . or could even exist. The glory of God so present that it ushers out anything contrary to His holy, holy, holy nature.

But there’s also a thought here of the worshiper, himself, being adorned in the splendor of holy garments. I can respond to David’s call this morning and worship in the splendor of holiness because of the garments I’ve been given in Christ. My sin atoned for . . . the stain of rebellion washed away by the blood of the Lamb . . . the rags of sin exchanged for a robe of righteousness. In Him, I reside in the splendor of holiness . . . in Him, I reflect the splendor of holiness . . . in Him, I have unrestricted access into the splendor of holiness, the holy of holies, that I might give unto the Lord the glory due His name. I’m all dressed up and have a place to go! I too, can praise Him in the storm.

Can’t wait for the next big thunder and lightning storm. May it be a call to worship.

Because of grace . . . for His glory.


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