Who Am I?

So different . . . and yet so much the same. In time we are separated by three millennia. In terms of relative rank he was a king of a great nation, I was once the boss of a pretty great group of people. In terms of accomplishments, he conquered the world and boasts a resume still spoken of, while I have pretty much just tried to live a peaceful and quiet life. So different, King David and I. And yet, so much the same. Whoever we are . . . whatever we’ve done . . . all that we have been blessed with . . . it all beckons but one question, “Who am I?”

Then King David went in and sat before the LORD and said, Who am I, O LORD God, and what is my house, that You have brought me thus far?     (1Chronciles 17:16 ESV)

David has just been informed by God, through Nathan the prophet, that God has determined to “build a house” for David. Though it was David’s desire to “upgrade” the dwelling place of God’s glory from a tent to a magnificent house of cedar and gold, the Sovereign of Israel delays any temple building program and promises, instead, that He is undertaking a kingdom building program.

The LORD of hosts reminds David that He had chosen David to be promoted from the pasture, from following the sheep, to be prince of God’s people Israel. Reminds David that He has been with him throughout his rise to power. And then informs him, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” God’s plan was to make David’s name great . . . to make David’s throne great . . . to establish his kingdom forever. Partially fulfilled in David’s son, Solomon. Yet to be fully realized at the return of David’s greater son, Jesus the Messiah (17:7-14).

And as David processes the prophet’s words, he enters the tent . . . squats before the curtain shielding the holy of holies . . . quiets himself before the LORD of heaven and earth . . . and, I imagine, whispers, “Who am I . . . What is my house? . . . That You have done so much and still promise so much?”

And as I eavesdrop on David’s sacred moments of reflection, though we are so different, I can’t help but think we are so much the same.

The Spirit reminding me that I too have been chosen . . . not to be the king of a mighty nation, but to be the adopted son of a mighty God. Not promoted from a pasture of sheep, but raised up from the mire and pit of sin. Not given a throne on earth, but seated together with Christ in heavenly places. God having been faithful since I first heard Him calling my name . . . promising that the work He has begun in me He will complete (Php. 1:6) . . . testifying by His Spirit with my spirit, “And you ain’t seen nothing yet!” God’s plan is yet to be fully realized. There is yet a new name to be received . . . a glorious throne to worship before . . . a wondrous kingdom to receive, no longer by faith, but by sight.

And so, I too sit before God. Not outside the curtain, but having entered the holy of holies through my prayer closet by the blood of the Lamb. Being still . . . knowing He is God . . . and whispering, just like David did, “Who am I . . . what is my family . . . that you have done so much for us?” That you would send Your Son to die for our sin? That you would, in Your persevering grace, woo us to Yourself through Your Spirit . . . and continue to lovingly call us back when we stumble and lose our way? That You would not only redeem us and rescue us from the judgment we deserve, but that You would also clothe us with the righteousness of Your Son and promise us a portion in His eternal inheritance? Who am I?

All because of Your grace. All for Your glory.

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