The Will of God

Sometimes you gotta dig . . . other times it’s handed to you on a silver platter. Sometimes you don’t know what God wants you to do from a given passage . . . and then there’s those other times when it’s laid out so clearly you’d have to have your eyes closed to miss it. This morning was one of those “other times.”

For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.    (1Peter 2:15 ESV)

This is the will of God . . .

How we talk about knowing what God’s will is for our lives. Should I do this or, does God want me to do that? There are a lot of steps we take which, while we believe they are directed of God, we don’t know exactly where they’re leading or if we are even on the right path. And so we seek the will of God. And we do so, theoretically, so that we might submit to the will of God. Well here, at least in part, says Peter, is the will of God . . . here is what is in accordance with Divine desire . . .

Do good.

Be a well-doer. Call it what you like . . . live righteously . . . do that which benefits another . . . be benevolent . . . execute random acts of kindness. Whatever you want to call it, just do it! From the simplest of acts, like opening a door for someone, to the more costly of acts, like giving of your treasure and/or your time, serve others. Put others ahead of yourself. Lift up those who are fallen down. Go out of your way to assist someone. There’s no limit do what “doing good” looks like. Just know that it is the will of God.

And put to silence . . .

In the context of Peter’s letter, persecution was increasing for Christians (sound familiar). There was damaging misinformation concerning the followers of Christ which led to increasing accusations against them. And Peter exhorts the brothers and sisters to muzzle such ignorance by how they live. Do good . . . and their words will have no substance . . . for this is the will of God.

That our walk should be in line with our talk should be a no-brainer. That our works add veracity to our words should be of no surprise. That doing good is the will of God . . . well, what do we do with that? How about, Do good?

Not that it makes us any more saved . . . not that it makes us any more sanctified. But that it pleases Him who has called us into marvelous light . . . and it glorifies Him who has called us to be light . . . and, perhaps, it might be used of Him, by the power of His Spirit through overflowing grace, to rescue the foolish from their ignorance.

Do good . . . this is the will of God.

By His grace . . . for His glory.

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