The Ultimate Personal Assistant

All in all, she’s pretty helpful. She’s full of useful information. She tells me how to get places. She takes dictation and sends messages to my girls when I ask her to. She even willingly takes on the task of waking me up in the morning. She really wants to serve. In fact, if she’s able to, she’ll do anything I ask her to do. (It always bugged Sue that I didn’t thank her more often). She is the virtual personal assistant on my phone–and phone is the modern code word for the computer in my shirt pocket.

I know I risk sounding like an old person, but today’s technology really is kind of mind-boggling if you just pause and think about it for a minute. Couldn’t have imagined years ago that I would be talking into thin air, speaking into an empty room, “Hey Siri . . . wake me up at 5:00 a.m.” Much less that my phone would immediately respond, “Your 5:00 a.m. alarm is on. Don’t worry, I won’t forget.” (with an Australian accent, no less).

This morning I’m noodling on another personal assistant. Another lady who wants to help. But this isn’t some new technology. She is an ancient, heaven-sent provision. And her name is Wisdom.

Get wisdom; get insight; . . . Do not forsake her, and she will keep you; love her, and she will guard you. . . . Prize her highly, and she will exalt you; she will honor you if you embrace her. She will place on your head a graceful garland; she will bestow on you a beautiful crown.

(Proverbs 4:5-9 ESV)

She will keep you. She will guard you. She will exalt you. She will honor you. She will crown you with a glorious wreath of grace. Ok, who doesn’t want to get to know her?

And that’s the father’s plea to his son, the plea he heard from his father(4:3-4a). Get her! Get wisdom!

Don’t neglect her, don’t let her go. But love her. Esteem her greatly–put her at the top of your priority list. Throw your arms around her and hold on to her for dear life. For she is the ultimate personal assistant.

And she’s not sourced in some micro-circuitry. No, she is found in and through the living God. Not available only to those who can pay the price for such technology, but available to all without cost because the price was paid 2,000 years ago on a Roman cross. Found not in a little black box that fits in your pocket or purse, instead, flowing from within regenerated hearts and minds through the living Spirit of God who imparts the heart and mind of Christ.

Available 24/7. Seeking only to help us know practically the life abundant promised eternally. Wanting to keep us, guard us, exalt and honor us. Ready to adorn us with the beauty of grace.

If we don’t forsake her. If we love and prize her. If we embrace her.

Oh the riches that are available to us through the wisdom, insight, and understanding that are ours in Christ, by His Spirit, and through God’s word.

Makes my Australian helper pale in comparison.

Oh that I would call upon Her who is from above more than I would talk to her who sits on my desk.

‘Cause that’s where the grace is experienced. That’s where the glory is known.


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