A Divine Dynamic

Reminded this morning that it’s meant to be less of an activity and more of a dynamic. That the benefit is not just in what I do, but in what I long for God to do. That, in a very real sense, opening my Bible reaches it’s full potential when He’s the one opening it to me.

Open my eyes, that I may behold
   wondrous things out of Your law. . . .

Make me understand the way of Your precepts,
   and I will meditate on Your wondrous works. . . . 

I will run in the way of Your commandments
   when You enlarge my heart!

(Psalm 119:18, 27, 32 ESV)

For some, it might be viewed as a kind of lucky charm. Gotta’ start my day with the Word if I want my day to go well.

For others perhaps, it’s viewed as but a discipline. A good habit. Part of a daily spiritual exercise routine. Gut it out. No pain, no gain.

And for others still, maybe it’s seen more as a text book. There’s information in there I need to know. Good data in, good living out.

And maybe, if I’m honest with myself, in different seasons it’s been each of those for me.

But this morning, I’m a bit in awe as I chew afresh on the fact that every time I read my Bible it provides the opportunity for an out-of-this-world experience. A spiritual dynamic involving an intimate interaction with the One who longs to sanctify me in the truth, and His word is truth (Jn. 17:17).

And truly, I can only behold the wondrous things in God’s word, if God first, by His power and according to His purpose, opens my eyes and reveals wondrous things in it to me. Noodling on His amazing works only happens as He gives me insight into His unfathomable ways. And obedience? Only as He makes room in my heart can the seed of the Word go deep, find good soil, and bear the fruit of walking in His ways.

Every time I reading my Bible it has the potential to be a close encounter of the divine kind.  It’s a divine dynamic.

There is no more sure way to interact with the living God than to sit down with His living Word. Open the Book in front of me and the Spirit inside of me is ready to lead me into truth. Ask Him to open my eyes, clear my mind, and make ready my heart, and it’s an invitation He longs to hear and delights to respond to.

Word of God speak!

By Your grace. For Your glory!

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