Gen R

Gen Z. That’s the latest generation to be named, characterized, and surveyed like crazy by sociologists. This current generation. Those born since 1996. Not to be confused with the millennials before them or the Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers before them. A generation marked by always having known the internet and social media as everyday tools and formative dynamics in their lives.

Gen Z. Sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it? (Don’t know why I couldn’t have been branded with a cool sounding letter designation like them. Baby boomer? Gen BB? Good grief! Who’s getting that put on a t-shirt? But, I digress).

This morning as I’m reading in the psalms I came across another generation to take note of. Gen R.

. . . God is with with the generation of the righteous.

(Psalm 14:5b ESV)

According to the songwriter, “the LORD looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God.” And what does He find? Nada. Nyet. Zippo. None. “Not even one.”

They don’t understand God. They don’t seek God. They don’t call on God. They don’t fear God. Instead, they do what they wanna do.

Evildoers. Corrupt. They’re marked by “abominable deeds.” Characterized by foolish hearts saying, “There is no God.”

And amongst this sea of lost souls there is a people. My people. The generation of the righteous. Gen R.

Gen R not because of our goodness, but because of God’s grace. Not seeking God because of our fine tuned sense of spiritual reality, but seeking the kingdom of heaven because the King of heaven has sought us . . . and bought us . . . and brought us into relationship with Himself. The generation of the righteous not because of any righteousness of our own (remember the Nada . . . Nyet . . . Zippo . . . None . . . Not even one part?) but robed in the righteousness of a Righteous Savior sent to redeem, regenerate, and reclaim a people for His own. Gen R.

And, so goes the song, God is with them.

God is with us. Present through His Spirit. Speaking through His Word. Transforming us through the renewing of our mind. Conforming us increasingly into the likeness of His Son.

Gen R. The generation of the redeemed. The generation of the reconciled. The generation of the righteous.

O, what a Savior!

O, what a great salvation!

O, what a glorious generation to be part of!

Because of His grace. Only for His glory.

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