Supplication for All the Saints

Wrapping up Ephesians 6 this morning and hovering over the armor of God. Images of soldiers decked out in battle gear come to mind standing fast as they bear the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, and the shield of faith. Their feet ready with the gospel of peace, their heads protected by the helmet of salvation ready to wield the sword of the Spirit, the word of God. An inspiring image in my mind’s eyes. Yet in its shadow, a command that I often overlook.

To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints . . .

(Ephesians 6:18b ESV)

Interceding for the saints. Praying for other believers. In our churches, beyond our churches. A reminder again that the Christian walk was never intended to be an independent walk.

Even as we pray “Our Father”, we acknowledge that we are part of a family, that there are brothers and sisters who also cry out to “Our Father”. Pray for them, says Paul.

I can be so consumed with my own prayer needs. Maybe I have capacity to pray for the needs of a few close to me. But to periodically take time and just pray for believers — everywhere, in whatever circumstances — is part of how we keep alert that we are in a battle. It’s seems vitally linked to persevering in the faith.

We need one another. We need to have one another’s backs. We need others to have our backs. And so, soldier of God, full-armor bearer of Christ, make supplication for all the saints.

Only by His grace. That we would all live for His glory.

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