As He Had Said, What He Had Promised

Wrote on it three years ago. And seven years ago. And eleven years ago. Given my current season, maybe it’s not surprising that the Spirit knows I need a reminder because I still struggle with resting in the reality.

Hovering over the opening verses of Genesis 21 this morning. It’s been twenty-five years since Abraham and Sarah received the promise of offspring (Gen. 12:1-4). Given that Abraham was an old man back then and was married to a barren wife whose “biological clock” had already stopped ticking, you might think that if God was going to do what God said He was going to do, He would have done it quickly. Apparently not.

Twenty-five years pass. A lot of road traveled. A “plan B” son growing up in the house. Faltering hope morphing into snickering cynicism. And then, you read these words:

The LORD came to Sarah as He had said, and the LORD did for Sarah what He had promised.

(Genesis 21:1 ESV)

As He had said . . . what He had promised. I know this is how my God rolls. But twenty-five years! Really? Yup, really.

I’m struggling with patience these days. You think I’d have harvested enough of this fruit of the Spirit over 45 years that I’d have some reserves to pull from. Not really. Maybe the fruit of the Spirit is kind of like manna. There’s enough for today but you’re gonna have to trust God and go back to the well to draw on what’s needed for tomorrow.

But back to my need for patience . . . It’s been months wondering how things could possibly get worse, months wanting there to be a nice, tidy resolution. Nope. Instead, just more waiting for whatever God’s going to do to be done. And in the midst of the waiting, this morning a still small voice whispers through the Scriptures (again), God’s purposes will be accomplished — as He had said, what He had promised.

It might be cliché, but it seems to me it’s worth noting, and needful to cling to, that the LORD coming to Abraham as He had said and the LORD doing for Sarah what He had promised was according to the LORD’s timing as He had determined. And so, for twenty-five years Abraham and Sarah had to wait.

Wait on the Lord. He is faithful. What He has said, what He has promised, what He has purposed, He will do. In His time. So, wait on the Lord.

Easier typed than tackled. Nevertheless, true.

As He has said, what He has promised, according to His time. So, be patient. Wait on the Lord. Trust in the Lord. And through His enabling, rest in the Lord.

By His grace. For His glory.

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