Questions Worth Pondering

Rhetorical questions asked in the afterglow of victory. Answers unnecessary because, being on the other side of the sea, they’re obvious. Faith afire because the wonder of deliverance is fresh. But walking between walls of water will soon be a thing in the past. In only a few days, before the chapter is even done, they’ll be walking in an arid land with no water to drink. The songs of praise but a short time ago give way to the grumblings of complaint as the next challenge is faced. Seems to me, that’s when asking the questions again might make sense.

Lord, who is like You among the gods?
Who is like You, glorious in holiness,
revered with praises, performing wonders?

(Exodus 15:11 CSB)

Easy to ask such questions when the answers are obvious because the power has been experienced and your circumstance is favorable. But more needful perhaps to ask the questions when there are no answers, heaven seems silent, and you’re parched and panting for something to quench the thirst.

Even when it’s dry, there is no God like the God who is in our midst. Especially when the next challenge overshadows the last victory, we need to chew on the reality that our God alone is glorious in holiness. When everything in you wants to throw a pity-party and murmur about how much you’re having to put up with, that’s the time to know again that He is always worthy of being revered with praises because He is unchanging in nature, steadfast in love, true to His promises, and more than able to still perform wonders.

Questions for the mountain top? For sure. Questions for the valley? Even more so, I’m thinkin’.

Questions worth pondering? Always!

By His grace. For His glory.

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