God of My Praise

Psalm 109 is a song written by one who had known betrayal. It is a psalm of David and David knew what it was to be betrayed.

That it is messianic, pointing to Christ, is evident from verse 25 (see Mt. 27:39).

I have become an object of ridicule to my accusers;
when they see me, they shake their heads in scorn.

(Psalms 109:25 CSB)

That it was meant to foreshadow the Son’s betrayer, Judas, is clear as well as the Spirit moved Peter to quote verse 8 (see Acts 1:20).

Let his days be few;
let another take over his position.

(Psalms 109:8 CSB)

But for all the poignancy of the passage, what grabs me this morning are the words which begin this sad song.

God of my praise, do not be silent.

(Psalms 109:1 CSB)

God of my praise. You’re not going to find that exact phrase anywhere else in the bible but here. And that it would be here, in this sort of song, is worth chewing on.

What if I began more of my prayers with God of my praise? What if, regardless of the circumstance, I grounded my petitions with the reminder that my God is the God worthy of exaltation always. Full stop.

God of my praise because of His redeeming grace experienced in the past. God of my praise because of His sure promises for the future. God of my praise because He is ready, willing, and able to rescue me in the present — “because Your faithful love is good” (Ps. 109:21).

Worthy of praise just because. Just because He is God. Just because He is good.

God of my praise only by His grace.

God of my praise only for His glory.

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