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Not much to look at, really. Nothing much to behold — unless it was because of some morbid fascination — just the lame, the blind, the crippled, along with those unable to speak. Cripple-Con, a gathering of the needy, the … Continue reading

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Everyone, Listen Up!

It didn’t matter whether they were young in the faith, seasoned in the faith, or actively contending for the faith, John says to each, “I am writing to you.” I am writing to you, little children, because your sins are … Continue reading

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Active Listening

To me, the entire chapter reads like a promise. A conditional, if/then promise, but a promise nevertheless. And what a promise! Who wouldn’t want to: understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God (v.5)? understand righteousness … Continue reading

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God Has Spoken

God has spoken. That’s a key bet for our faith, isn’t it? If our God were not a communicating God, He would be but a God of our own imagination. If God has not addressed those created in His image, … Continue reading

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A Heart to Understand, Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear

You think it would have been easy for them to get it. After all, they had walked out Egypt, walked through the Red Sea, and made it through the desert. They had seen the plagues, been overshadowed by the cloud … Continue reading

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Seeing How We Hear

As I hover over this six word command to obey, it impresses me as being a pretty weighty charge by Jesus to His disciples. Foundational for their growth as followers of Christ. Insightful as to a spiritual dynamic that dictates … Continue reading

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Seeing Ain’t Necessarily Believing

How could they? How could they have walked out of Egypt after witnessing the mighty arm of God throughout his ten round showdown with Pharaoh, and yet complained so rebelliously about being delivered in order to die in the desert? … Continue reading

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I’m Listening . . . Still . . .

Started in on Proverbs this morning. After reading chapter 1, chewed on how important it is to have ears to hear. Then, as I sometimes do when a thought doesn’t immediately form, I went back in my e-Journal to look … Continue reading

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